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    Deaton the versatile veterinarian.

     I’m always Jean. And I’m always the Phoenix. I died. I scattered in a trillion directions. And then started to pull together again, outside the White Hot Room. But I’m starting to see now. Parts of me… Parts of me never came home.


    { soulless sam alphabet. }


    #friendly reminder that pippin named his son faramir (via celebrin)


    Awesome aerial photos of Iceland by Sarah Martinet

    on Facebook, 500px

    French photographer Sarah Martinet recently took an excursion from her usual wedding and portrait work to shoot this fantastic series of aerial landscapes of Iceland. Capturing the Nordic country’s beautiful, lush hills and valleys was no easy task. Sarah hung herself out the side of an open airplane to get these unobstructed shots of the Icelandic countryside. Every mountain peak, rushing waterfall, and flowing waterway is able to be seen all at once in each terrific shot thanks to the hard to get angles. She has much more of her work from Iceland, including many she shot on the ground which allowed to get some great intimate shots of an Iceland viking village